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Gardening, DIY, teaching? New London Met University chief urges students to do more volunteering

The London Met’s Professor John Raftery gets on his bike

Published: 17 October, 2014

Core, blimey! Park festival will celebrate traditional British apple

Published: 17 October, 2014

DELICIOUS English apples take centre stage at a Highbury festival on Sunday.

Islington MP Corbyn welcomes vote to recognise the state of Palestine

Jeremy Corbyn: 'They are happy with what they have done and believe that it gives a recognised right to a people who have been denied one'

On strike to protest against low pay, Whittington Hospital workers are joined on picket line by Green councillor

Cllr Caroline Russell and Islington midwife Terri Wogan-Webb on picket line on Monday

Published: 17 October, 2014

Soap and glory: Dannie Abse’s last poem for fellow Welshman Dylan Thomas

Daniel Abse and, right, Dan Llywelyn Hall’s portrait of the poet

Published: 17 October, 2014

Widow sends desperate plea for help from her Holloway prison cell

Rev Alan Carr

Rev Alan Carr forwarded Holloway Prison inmate Yvonne Tyler’s letter to the Tribune. ‘She’s got major health problems,’ he said

HEALTH: Therapist who used to drink throughout the day tells how art saved her from booze ‘nightmare’

Lucy, an art psychotherapist, suffered years of alcoholism before finding help

Published: 17 October, 2014

OUR NEIGHBOURS: Who’s been making the news round your way this week?

Above: Last year’s mass singalong event at Archway Mall and, below, Kate Bush in the video of Wuthering Heights

Published: 17 October, 2014

German POW is among contributors to Holloway First World War project

Painting by an unnamed German POW of an air raid over Islington Workhouse

Published: 17 October, 2014

NEWS IN BRIEF: Motorist is charged with manslaughter after fatal collision in Canonbury

Published: 17 October, 2014

A MAN has been charged with manslaughter and causing death by dangerous driving in Essex Road.

NEWS IN BRIEF: Town Hall officers are urged to boycott property fair

Published: 17 October, 2014

THE Town Hall has boycotted the world’s largest private property fair, staged in London this week.

Row over plans for ‘grim’ leisure centre building at Highbury Fields as architects are urged to ‘go back to the drawing board’

Mock-up of how the new building would look – ‘a completely inappropriate development for a conservation area’, say objectors 

Boss of Highbury charity that supports Roma community is included on awards shortlist

Chief executive and co-founder of Humanitas Charity Sarah Wade

Published: 17 October, 2014